Do you think that Benevolence is somewhat of an evil sword?

He cant make a world of freedom if he makes all the world a specific way. Benevolence is on the hook for so many unjust acts by taking on the role of god. And that thing is on the hook for any misfortune that will now befall the DLP for, again, taking on the role of god

Who cares if Joyboy exists or not if Benevolence made the world he would have brought?

The thing remade the universe with the DLP at the center and in a stochastic medium. It's a genuine question to the benevolence of this thing.

It means its responsible for 2 major things:

1) any detriment caused to others as the result of helping out the DLP.

2) any net detriment to the DLP. Since it was omniscient and omnipotent, it would have had the obligation to at least remove the void police threat. If the DLP even get a papercut, then its Benevolence's fault.

Could just be that the sword was an idiot

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