Best odds of advancing in the next book?

Lindon is on the fast track, not only because his time spent in Ghostwater, and his assimilation with Dross, but Makiel made it so Eithan, Lindon, and as a byproduct Yerin would be forced to advance or perish.

So expect Lindon to advance at a much faster pace then previously expected.

I am 100% convinced that Eithan is holding back, and is either already an Overlord but veiled, or is on the cusp and is waiting for some reason, probably political.

Yerin irks me a bit. Her brash and bold personality mixed with her infallible courage is a great match for a “slaughter path”, but her lack of formal education and clan values holds her back I think. Something I think she will need to think about or change when she sees Lindon outpacing her in both cores.

I hope Geisha reaches Underlady.

Mercy is meh to me. Opportunity there for a cool Path to be explored from the readers POV, but we’ve seen the endgame already. Her existence as a haracer is basically to shadow Malice’s advancement, so we can see how a Monarch was made. Not impressed with Harmony and was glad Northstrider left him.

I feel like Cassias is a sorely underused and under appreciated character and the only Aurelius worth anything besides Eithan. Not because I don’t think the Aurelius are strong, but because that’s how Will has made it seem so far, other than vague references to some main branch from a foreign land who may or may not exist still. But I think Cassias should be a Truegold at the least.

Don’t care about Jai Long at all. Not even a small bit. Maybe if he joins the group and Eithan gives him the chance to learn the Jai Clan’s original Path before it diluted into the Stellar Spear.

Jai Chen has potential but again I don’t care for her, same as Long.

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