Bitrate drops from 6000 to 0 while streaming

Hello everyone. I recently installed the latest version of OBS on two computers because I play from one and strim from the other via the NDI plugin. Everything was ok but after a few days today, every time I had a bitrate drop to 0 after 30 minutes or after an hour of strimming. I forgot that on the old version of OBS I had the problem of getting a black screen and the same solution I used for the falling bitrate and it works namely : add obs exe in windows graphics options and select power plan to save power, the same thing I did when I had the problem of black screen during strim. I did so on both computers and it works normally bitrate does not drop. Also, I changed the server in both OBS to the one in my country to the same. With me this solution works, on the old version the image would go black and the new version the bitrate drops to 0. You just have to set "Power Saving" on OBS exe in "Graphics performance preference" in Windows options. If you are striming to two computers you need to set it that way on each of them. it works for me perfectly. Greetings\_STUDIOS-graphics-settings-update.png
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