I bought Comic Zenon and I now bring you a Jack's spin off summary [LONG]

I just can't help but actually admire how they have done it.

What I'm basically saying, Jack the Ripper has no solid history besides his body count leaving a whole lot of interpretations available for authors and writers to depict him

I don't see how its anything special to admire. You make it all sound nice but they haven't invented anything special. Its all simply comes down to actual Jack never being known. This whole plot is far from any high storytelling or creativity. Even Fate loli Jack Has more interesting spin with Jack being amalgamation of aborted children by prostitutes. Not saying that you can't like this plot but I don't think that it should be used for exusing retconing Jack's whole character in shuumatsu

unless he starts actually killing innocent , but after this chapter I very very doubt it. Its screams retcton.

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