I’m in a long-term relationship, but I have been in love with another guy for a year now.

As I mentioned above, we actually talked about the problem with cheering me up a lot with him, and every time I tell him how I feel and what I need and what would work on me. We talk about absolutely every problem we have, it’s not just the cheering I am talking about. Nothing is left behind uncommunicated between us and I don’t classify him as “not good enough”. And I strongly do believe that when someone changes their behaviour towards you, the least you could do is ask what is the reason. My reason was the situation and my thoughts over it, which he knew that really had affected me. I don’t expect him to read my mind, I am always transparent except for the part where I just find more emotional comfort in someone else. I don’t want to tell him yet because I am trying to get the courage at least.

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