Breastfeeding diet

Throughout my two pregnancies, I was on medication that made it unsafe to breastfeed, so both of my boys were formula-fed. One of them was super picky as a young child and the other one was not. Now they are 10 and almost 12 years old. The one who was picky has broadened his palate a lot by trying small amounts of new things, but he cannot handle even the mildest amount of spiciness. The other boy, who was not picky, still enjoys eating almost anything, including very spicy foods. So, formula-fed babies even within the same family can have wildly different food preferences. I also wanted to add that when I was pregnant, I read if the mom were to eat peanuts during pregnancy, the child could be at risk of developing a peanut allergy, so I did not eat any peanut products during both pregnancies, and neither of my boys ended up having a peanut allergy. Thankfully, they don’t have food allergies to anything else either.

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