Brotherhood Recruitment Thread

[CHARACTER REQUEST] I would like to create a male character, in his early to mid 20's, from Lexington, Kentucky. His personality is still up in the air because I thought up different characters for each of the powers but generally, he'll be a friendly guy but a bit cocky at times while a bit meek at others - wavering on the advice of 'fake it til you make it' when it comes to confidence. His appearance is also undecided since I have different face claims for the different powers.

Suggested powers:

  • Voice manipulation/mimicry - He can mimic different sounds he hears, as well as voices, but doing so for more than seven minutes causes his vocal cords to become extremely sore and makes him unable to speak for a number of hours. It also causes him to have trouble to eat or drink. Besides mimicry, he can create different pitches that can cause different side effects (discomfort, nausea, dizziness, headaches) but he can only hold it for less than twenty seconds. And while he's immune to his own sounds, hearing them from an outside source affects him normally.

  • Paper manipulation - He can duplicate pieces of paper (only one or two at a time) and can sharpen, harden, change their density, or change their appearance once made. He can also modify existing pieces of paper but that requires more energy to do. He can only do this with small sizes, with the maximum being standard letter size paper. Also the more intricate the modification, the more energy and effort he needs to perform whatever adjustments he wants. Even when modified, it is still paper so they still have the same weaknesses (burn easily, water weakens it, etc.). Since the paper is generated from his hands, going past his limits can lead to them becoming incredibly sore, to the point where even flexing them hurts.

  • Velocity manipulation - He can either accelerate or decelerate objects. He has to actively touch the object with his hand to accelerate it or, at most, a foot away from it if he wants to decelerate it. The fastest speed and largest size of an object he can accelerate/decelerate all depends on how much energy he puts into it. Unfortunately he doesn't have absolute control over his power so the results can vary, especially with larger objects. He also can only accelerate/decelerate one object at a time and his hands have to come, or almost come, into contact with the object to have the power to work.

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