I bet he left a gift under the bed

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title points age /r/ comnts
Faggot dog 363 8dys contagioussmiles 11
This needs to be posted... Again. 5 27dys funny 2
It's been a while... 45 4mos funny 9
Every ****ing day. Every single ****ing day 649 6mos funny 77
I laugh so hard every time I see this little fellow. 29 2yrs funny 2
Alright, Reddit, show me the picture that NEVER FAILS to make you laugh. I'll start. 23 3yrs funny 13
When I'm down, I think of this. And it makes me giggle. 775 3yrs funny 245
This Makes Me Laugh Far More Than It Should. 584 3yrs funny 359
Every time I am feeling down I look at this. 517 2yrs funny 23
I laughed and don't care if it offends you! 35 3yrs funny 6
One year later, the picture that brought me to reddit. 341 1yr funny 18
I'd like to present probably one of the only pictures I've ever seen on /r/funny to make me actually laugh. 27 1yr funny 14
For my cake day, I present the picture that made me fall in love with Reddit. "My faggot dog doing this faggot look every time I come home". 13 1yr funny 4
The image that got me hooked on reddit 33 2yrs funny 5
I know it's been reposted countless times, but for those that might have missed it, the one image that makes me laugh everytime I see it - "Faggot dog" 509 2yrs funny 49
One of the funniest pictures I've ever seen 5 2yrs funny 4
Still makes me giggle every time 887 2yrs funny 89
I can't NOT laugh at this 28 2yrs funny 4
This will always be my favourite picture on the Internet. 710 2yrs funny 287
This is a blatant repost, but it makes me laugh every time I see it. 643 2yrs funny 143
I saved this on my computer a long time ago, and every time I am having a bad day I'll look at it and laugh. Thought I'd share and hopefully make someones bad day a little better. 646 3yrs funny 128
My faggot dog doing this faggot look every time I come home 13 3yrs funny 13
Every Fucking Day 293 3yrs WTF 144
WHY U LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT? 151 3yrs TrollingAnimals 14

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