Serbia: Initiative launched to seek compensation from NATO over 1999 bombings

Wonderful news, hope they get it, so then we can sue them for it (it would be pointless now). We will start with these massacres first:

Suva Reka massacre — 48 Albanian civilians victims, among them many children.

Račak massacre — 45 Albanians villagers were murdered by Serb forces.

Podujevo massacre - 19 Albanian civilians, including women, children and the elderly, killed by Serb paramilitary.

Massacre at Velika Kruša — according to the Court, Serbian special police units murdered 42 persons.There are also allegations of females mass raped.

Izbica massacre — Serbian forces killed about 120 Albanian civilians.

Drenica massacre — there were 29 identified corpses of massacre, committed by Serbian law enforcement forces.

Gornje Obrinje massacre - 18 bodies were found,but more people slaughtered.

Cuska massacre — 41 known victims.

Bela Crkva massacre — 62 known victims

Orahovac massacre — from 50 to more than 200 ethnic Albanian civilians victims

Dubrava Prison massacre — Serbian prison guards killed more than 70 Albanian prisoners.

Ćuška massacre near Peć on May 14, 1999

We can then continue with displacement of 700K people, mass destruction of property, mass killings (10,000 people) and sexual assaults. This is just on Kosovo. Now I am sure that the Croats and the Bosnians have their own tab as well.

Actually if we are going to go start this game, why stop at 1999. You know Albanians were the inhabitants of these lands long before the Serbs. Albanians have been in the Balkans since the Pre-historic Balkans while the Serbs have only been there since the 7th century. Now we need compensation for centuries of annexation and destruction. But not just us, I am sure the rest of the Illyrian tribes have the same issue.

We need this money because we need to pay back the Africans, the original inhabitants of this planet, because we took over part of their lands and destroyed their lives.

Africans need this money to pay back the monkeys (if you believe in evolution) or Adam and Eve (if you believe in creation) for taking over their land....

Poor German taxpayers, they have no idea how far their Euro has to stretch.

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