Can my wife get a separate ascend card and we get more points?

Your question isn’t very clear, but to answer what I think you’re asking I do not believe you can open a Hilton card in someone else’s name and have the points from the sign up bonus go to your account. You can have up to five credit cards with AMEX so can sign up for all of the Amex ones on your own. You can then refer your wife to open any or all of the same credit cards and her sign up bonus points will go towards her Hilton account. She will then have diamond also and a large stash of points, but if you were so inclined you could just transfer your points to one account. You can’t transfer free night certificates but I have had luck using free night certificates on two separate accounts on back to back days and calling the hotel to combine the reservation.

Obviously all those cards will come with significant minimum spend requirement and lots of annual fees so it may not be worth it but plenty of people do that.

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