Be cautious of your US-centric views on autism assessments

Exactly, I swear most of the Americans I've spoken to go to a therapist or get a "psyche evaluation" who just tells them after a short meeting what they think they have.

Sounds equivilant to a UK GP.

I once went to my GP after having what I now know was an autistic meltdown at a gig. The dude said "if you lost weight your self esteem would go up".

I was within the healthy weight bracket. I had high self-esteem, and I said nothing of the sort. These guys are absolute crap - they're effectively just the receptionist you get a referral from to see an actually trained autism specialist.

A specialist who is trained and qualified to ONLY diagnose autism in you. If they said "you're not autistic because you make eye contact" they'd lose their bloody job!

That's why I made this post. So many Americans talk on this sub like this is what all assessments are like - they think they're improving the image of self-diagnosing, but really they're just hurting the autistic community.

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