[Clue] Tracking down a tasty beverage, Magic Fruit, and Chicago

I can't make another post because Reddit thinks I suck (and I'm not disputing that) but I think I may be onto something here......

I know this has been mentioned in a comment here and there but feel like it needs more focus now. The track down a tasty beverage could refer to several things. I was playing with the april fools comic but feel the most obvious way to go is to solve the mystery of the Reverse Whiskey Sour.

When I first saw the booklet, I thought immediately it was odd that they say these recipes are from their favorite bartenders but then the middle one is missing. My conclusion, as I don't drink and know nothing about alcohol, was likely that a reverse whiskey sour was such a popular drink that they didn't want to name some schmuck and make him look like a doofus.

Well a google search doesn't even get me an exact match to "Reverse Whiskey Sour" anywhere other than reddit so that appears not to be the case. I have had no luck in finding a match to the recipe ingredients either.

So, we know the bartender is in Chicago and we have to track down a tasty beverage. They gave us three beverages and told us where to try two of them. It seems blatantly obvious that we need to figure out where to go in Chicago to try the third.

I'm considering emailing the bestiary bitters guy as he is a master mixer haha and asking him where I could find a reverse whiskey sour. I'm wondering if this could be part of the puzzle (his email is posted in public pages) or if this is considered stalking.

I also went on maps and put in whistler and green door/bestiary bitters and the resulting map isn't too interesting. I was hoping they would be super close together or make an awesome shape lol.


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One other thing I just did with the recipe....

<b>3</b> oz Le<b>m</b>on Juice <b>1.5</b> oz <b>R</b>itt<b>e</b>nhouse Rye Whiskey <b>.75</b> oz Gran<b>d</b> M<b>a</b>rnier 1 dash Aromatic Bitters

This could be absolutely nothing, but since we cant find a recipe match I took the numbers and then the letters from each thing. What gets me is the 1 dash Aromatic Bitters. Not sure if we take the first letter of dash because it is different than oz or if we take the a from aromatic bitters because its the ingredient.

What is kind of neat is that if you take the d from dash you get mr.e.add Mr+e+add=Mystery Ad

Looking more into this, that could be nothing but is semi-interesting IMO

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