As Colorado’s Air Quality Declines, State Continues To “Coddle” Oil And Gas Industry

That's easy, we just stop using cars. Americans have PAID 10x over for the infrastructure of new trains. Why isnt public transport better? It's because the auto industries are literally keeping it this way, which is also damaging the environment by creating entire cars which have a level of planned obsolescence. Why don't they make cars as durable as they used to?

It's not just lazy verbiage, though. There ARE actual nazis in Colorado. Most of them espout the same "ruin another state with your lib bullshit," but those same people are the ones supporting the nazis just because they want to "own the libs." Since when has siding with fascists been justified? It's these same people who believe there are no better energy alternatives. The same people who espout cutting cold turkey doesn't work.

There's nothing wrong with criticizing capitalism while still participating in it because capitalism is designed to keep people trapped like animals. It's nearly impossible to escape. It doesn't make you fundamentally flawed as a person, it makes capitalism fundamentally flawed as a society. However, there's a shocking amount of people in America who DONT want better public transport, and DO want cars, and they ALSO don't want to drive electric, they WANT a gas car, and they DONT want fuel efficiency either, they WANT a gas guzzler like a Hummer. When people are living in excess to these extreme extents, I'd say we're already IN a lot of trouble NOW, and going green would only ever be BETTER for the environment.

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