Commercial beekeepers

I do understand you are looking for for anecdotes here. I think the issues you are dealing with are frustrating and am going to rant.

You may be better off talking to scientists, microbiologists, ecologists, beekeeping organizations, or someone with a better understanding in that field of science.

In academia, if research is being done on the negative effects of a product popular in an industry, it will affect the grants awarded to that institution, as well as positions available to graduates and professors. This isn't limited to only a single manufacturer, but everyone that manufacturer pays a significant amount of money to, as well as any other entity hopeful to find a place in the trough. It takes very little money to design and implement policies like that and they are very effective. It's very difficult to find any academic research into things like a Silent Spring with a narrow scope of catalysts.

I don't know of many beekeepers or apiarists that have much of the expertise necessary to understand the problem. They either seem to know about growing bees and keeping them alive, or know about how to profit from an operation that grows bees and keeps them alive. Anyone with the expertise to effectively understand or research it is likely doing different work.

The year all of my bees died 3 days after crops were sprayed, there wasn't anything I could do about it but move on. The cost of an effective campaign was a barrier I couldn't entertain to overcome for more than 2 or 3 minutes at a time. I can't even imagine how overwhelming CCD would be to deal with in comparison with what was so clearly linked in my experience.

I haven't had an interest in pollination because of the high percentage of colony loss associated with it. I'm surrounded by cotton and sorghum. I lost a few hives this year to what I suspect was colony collapse, but I can't be sure; I can only suspect. The weather was so odd in Texas this year, I'd likely be an outlier anyways. Those hives are sitting undisturbed and will be for about another month, if you are interested.

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