Crude oil

Crude oil is black and a liquid the video show the glass bottle is greenish and solid jelly like

- In The Video On Oct 26th = This Chemical Burned A Hole Through The First Floor!
@ .34 Seconds (Pause) You Can See That The Rag Is On Fire On The Floor Near At Pool Of Liquid But Only The Rag Catches On Fire Not The Liquid That Started It.(?) You Can See The Fire In The Reflections In The Liquid, But It Not Flammable (Like Clear Water). Rag Catches Fire From The Liquid, Then Woods Steps On The Rag To Put It Out, But It Just Moves On Top Of The Liquid Puddle And Safe, Liquid Touches Fire But Does Not Burn. Then Woods Step On It Again Moving It Around To Another Spot On The Floor Where When Sam Brings The Safe Down The Liquid Spills Out All Over The Floor But Liquid Not On Fire.
@ 2:28 = You Hear Them Say There Is Something Extremely Flammable In The Safe, And Yet It Never Catches On Fire (?) (Me = They Need To Rewrite The Scripted To Make It Better Not So Obvious If Fake)
@ 4:46 = You See Sam Pick Up The Safe & Put Safe In The Plastic Container But Nothing Else Seems To Be Leaking Out. Not Enough That Could Possibly Cause That Kind Of Damage Of What Happens Next.

(Me = Now Of Course The First Thing Is Call They Called The Police & Fire By Now After Everything That Happened. Still To The Latest Video, Matthias Shows Us No Evidence That They Called The Police Or Fire For Anything. I Understand “This Kind Of Stuff Happen To Everyone All The Time, It’s Normal Right).
@ 7:48 = You See Sam Lifting & Moving Couch To Reveal The Gun Safe (Me = Sam Would Have Moved The Couch Already, Pick Up The Safe To See The Hole. To Discover What Happened, Why Put Everything Put Back Everything Back In The Exact Same Spot.

@ 9:57 = You Can See The Hole In The Floor And Through It A Little Puddle Of Liquid (Look Like Water) That Was On The Floor In The Room Below.
@ 11:45 = That Little Puddle Turned Into A Bigger Puddle With Way More Liquid And A Totally Different Shape Then Before.

@ 14:54 You Can Clearly See Matthias Bent Over Looking Straight Directly At The Bottom Of The Safe And Points To Touch It And The Only Thing He Sees Is Holes In The Bottom, No Mention Of The Scratches Or Logo Or Anything On The Bottom. (Me = So We Know Now He Did Have A Chance To Look At The Bottom Of The Safe & I Am Guessing Even When They First Found The Gun Safe They All Check All Of It Out Thoroughly, (Wouldn’t You, Wouldn’t Anyone Or They Would Just Call The Police & Fire.) You Can Hear Them Talking About How The Liquid Is Flammable Or Explosive Or Dangerous Burns Or An Acid That Dissolves, Melts, A Hole Through The Plastic, Then Carpet, Then Wood Floor, Then Ceiling Tile, But When It Lands On The Wooden Floor Below In A Nice Clean Clear Puddle, No Damage And Not A Big, Awful Gooey, Burn Mess All Over The Floor. (?). (Me = If This Liquid Burned A Hole Thought The Floor Like They Say That Room & Building Would Caught On Fire, The Fire Sprinkler Would Have Went Off, Fire Alarm Sounded…. If It Melted Dissolved All Those Materials, The Chemical Reaction Need To Be Extremely Hot To Do That Kind Of Damage, And It Would Have, Set Off Sprinkler And Alarm Which Is Inches Away From Fire Or Dissolving)

@ 18:46 = Matthias Saying When Crazy Things Are Not Happening In The Office, Our Content Was Just Meeting. (Me = Matthias Videos Before Were No Good But Now That With Interesting, Fake, Scripted, Material The Videos Are Better)

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