Days Gone, TLOU2, cancelled sequel thoughts

thanks for sharing! excited to read about this. of course, you were polite and shared some awesome info. I've been for sure hella rude in this thread, but i don't think it was ever (except for one case above that i apologized and acknowledged for, yet still think it was propelled by these inflammatory responses) really unwarranted. people came at me with dismissal so i can right back at them. you shared some helpful info, some different opinions than mine, some complicated ones that complicate the idea of TLOU + ND = good and progressive, Bend = conservative and bad, and i actually really appreciate that kind of info/convo, that was actually my intent with this thread but it quickly devolved.

this thread has frustrated me cause its just filled with so much hypocrisy. have i been antagonistic? absolutely, never denied it. have others? oh for sure, and they've denied it to the tooth.

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