[Discussion] At what stage of your bias group's career did you become a fan?

I am always late getting into things but that's probably because all my favorite groups debuted before I could be around to get into them. I got into EXO after my friend loved Monster/Lucky One and made me watch an episode of Showtime (plus this was around the time of the Lotto comeback too), I got into Red Velvet after Russian Roulette because the catchiness and weirdness of it all drew me in, I got into TWICE after seeing them at KCon and thinking they were cute, and I got into SHINee after their 1 of 1 image teasers were released and I learned they had the whole 90s theme going on, I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff.

SNSD was entirely by accident, I randomly clicked on their clips on variety/music videos from time to time but I still wasn't interested in them until, for some reason, watching Yoona taunt Tiffany with her aegyo. I don't know why, but that (of all things) is what drew me in. Initially I was only interested in learning about Yoona because I thought she was really pretty, and Tiffany because I knew she was from California and she spoke English, but that naturally devolved into learning everyone's names and, well, now here I am.

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