Does Attachment Parenting promote instinctual responsiveness?

I feel like AP has made me very in tune with my children. I did it naturally after having my oldest, and didn’t read or know anything about it until I had my second and realized I was already doing all of those things. I can feel the temperature of my babies face against me as he nurses and I’ll tell my husband “he has a fever, I think he’s getting sick.” And he’ll act like I’m crazy, feel his head and say he feels totally fine. Next morning, he’ll be all stuffy and coughing and have an actual recordable temperature.

I can still tell if my 5yo is getting sick just by looking at his face. No one else can calm him down the same way I can with some cuddles and back rubs.

Not quite instinctive responsiveness, but I also thinks it’s fascinating that I can understand my babies babbling(and could with my 5yo as well) and constantly have to translate for my husband. He’ll run up to my husband and say random baby gibberish and my husband is lost. I always have to tell him “he wants some food, he’s hungry” or “he knocked his ball under the couch and needs help” and the excitement he gets that someone can understand what he’s asking for is great lol. He’s even started saying something to my husband and then looking at me like “help me please?” My husband is around them constantly and very involved, but somewhere the difference of me being the one to nurse him and hold him while he’s sleeping and wake up with him in the night, makes me the only one that can understand him.

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