Does the satellite seen falling in Fury Road allude to they’re being more successful places outside Australia?

What I think is most important about that scene is the meta-dialogue of the characters that are wondering if there's somebody out there 'making shows'.

I mean seriously - they're wondering if there's someone out there 'making shows' while they're in a movie themselves.
If you think this is a new concept in a Mad Max film, go back to MMBT with the kids and their 'tale'.
They have their own screen made of sticks, seats made from airplane passenger seats and in the script they were supposed to pass 'popcorn' around in little buckets (but it was raspberries instead).

George Miller is knee deep into storytelling and he tries to smuggle those ideas into Mad Max every chance he gets. But it's done in a very subtle way or in the case of Fury Road - most of it was cut. You wouldn't believe how meta the original version of Fury Road was. I'm talking breaking the 4th wall, exploring Max's madness through batshit insane visuals, playing with the concept of 3rd person storytelling and the idea that characters of his stories are not aware they're in a story, while we are the observers. It's pretty cool actually, this scene with the satellites is one of those meta moments in the film.

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