Is this emotional abuse or am i just being triggered by someone who's having a hard time?

I respect you for giving him a chance. I deal with these issues, and while I work my hardest it is inevitable that an outburst can occur. He can get medication for those extreme moments, that's what has helped me the most.

I'm really heartbroken over the fact that you were able to give him some much needed attention, and yet he still needs to work on himself to fully appreciate it. Then the comparison of my situation. I'm in deep pain as of late, no one seems to want to even give me a shred of a chance, and I would never in a million years share what I'm going through(out of fear of rejection)

I've been this person before. We know it's wrong, and in my case it took years of therapy to even begin to understand how to cope.

Wishing you both the best.

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