This Banner that just started, if you have the Primos to spend, get a copy of Thoma C0, why?, once you Ascend him once you get a nice cool bonus of catching Bonus fish in Inazuma. Yes you read the right Bonus fish and it counts too for the achievement!

With all the Fishing holes in Inazuma and Enkanominya (yes it counts those spots too!) roughly 10 spots worth of Fishing to get bonus fish. So of you do 100 a day thats roughly and extra 20 just from bonus.

It adds up over time.

Also dont do 100 a day, thats just asking for pain. Pick a day. I have 1300 or so fish, i used to do Sunday + Thursday. Sunday due to lull of most stuff being done from Monday-Wednesday and Thursday is when you really dont gave much to do after Weekly Reset on Monday. Most Events start on Tuesday, so Tuesday and Wednesday are a little packed, but by Thirsday you go back to smaller schedule.

I was 800 and within like 1.5 month jumped 500 fish count from taking it slowly, really no rush, I can honestly say I fished up 400 and 100 Bonus over that time invested. Just jump to all spots on 1 day, then dont worry about it till 3-4 days, repeat.

Shut off Paimon/Charcter dialogue whenever you fish. Also I hope your also changing the time at every fishing spot to get in 1 day and 1 night cycle at each location to maximize the amount of fish you catch from the spot.

Takes me roughly 30-45 minutes to hit all spots on Sunday and Thursday.

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