AITA for dropping out of a wedding party because the bride and groom won't let my wife attend with our newborn?

This doesn’t really make sense though, because even at “child free” weddings, the newborns of close family or friends are often the only exception because newborns have to be fed every 3 hours so in many cases unless the baby comes too the parents aren’t able to attend. Also, most newborns are barely sentient potatoes and with the exception of some very colicky infants they sleep 18+ hours a day. Older babies, toddlers and children are frequently loud and disruptive, but newborns have the reputation of being easier to pack around, and carry outside if they start to fuss. They also don’t require meals, crayons, chairs or any kind of additional expense. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a member of the wedding party with a newborn being asked not to bring their baby to a kid friendly wedding.

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