Fortress of Pain and Suffering

Nope. Not at all. I never said SupCom1 and SupCom:FA weren’t masterpieces.

If I didn’t think they were, I wouldn’t have dropped tons of cash to ship 2 copies of the Collector’s Edition from Australia to the states during COVID-19.

And yes you are circlejerking. Sorry for your luck. You know instead of moving on. You decide to spam your misgivings with Supreme Commander 2 on posts dedicated to SupCom2.

You know, spreading toxicity instead of agreeing to disagree with op. You have to let the whole world know how much you were disappointed with SupCom2. How is that OP’s fault? How is that my fault?

Instead of letting the thread breathe. People for some reason enjoy picking on Supreme Commander 2 and the people that enjoy it.

Such as I enjoy all 3 games. For their positives and disappointments.


Because nothing is perfect and I understand instead of fumigating over non-issues for literal decades. Is bad and people should understand forgiveness and grace.

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