[FULL ARTICLE TRANS] Hyoyeon in Vogue Girl, April 2015

VG: Our photoshoot was about colours that make you think of ‘spring’. How was it?


Hyoyeon: To be honest, I’ve never used this many colours before on my face like pink, orange and sky blue. On stage, my makeup looks flashy but that is shimmer (pearl), not colour. But trying and using colours was very fun, even though I didn’t even know how to attempt it before, and I think it suits me better than I thought it would. More than anything, I really liked the sky blue eye makeup. Perhaps it’s because my heart is opening up to colours these days? I was always fixated on nude but these days, my gaze is also drawn to bright red and orange colours.


VG: We’re curious how you normally do your makeup.


Hyoyeon: I, of course, use foundation and also use eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick. If I put in extra effort, I also add mascara. If I go to an evening party, I also apply shimmer under my eyes. I’m still not very good at using colours but I’m skilled at bringing dimension to my face with contouring (shading) and making my eyes appear bigger and longer.


(VG: Can you explain this in depth?)


You apply beige all over your eyelids and then with a darker shade, you create a gradation at the front, back and underneath the eye. Next, you apply a peach shimmer at the tail end of your eye. At this time, if you draw slightly beyond your eye, you can make your eye appear longer and it will not look puffy.  

With one brush, you can make your face more dimensional. You contour your forehead, chin and nose line with MAC’s ‘187’ brush. You lightly brush on a shimmery brown to your forehead and chin and then hold the brush close to the front to bring your nose line to life by brushing the sides of your nose. If you do this, your facial features will appear sharper. To the point where people will say you lost weight.


VG: We can already predict your answer but, what’s Hyoyeon’s must have makeup item?


Hyoyeon: A multi palette with various colours mixed like Bobbi Brown’s ‘Shimmer Brick Compact’ or MAC’s ‘Pearl Fusion Shadow’. In brown shades, of course! If you have this, you can draw in your eyebrows and eyeline, you can add colour to your eyes and you can even contour.


VG: We think you really like nail art.


Hyoyeon: I like black, gray and navy colours so I always use them as a base. (This day, Hyoyeon appeared wearing nails with a black base and a pattern in a yellow colour.) I don’t really like cute. However, on days where I was to be feminine, I put on a lot of jewels.


(VG: What is a spring nail style that you recommend?)


Since you’ll wear a lot of colourful clothing, I think a neat application of marine blue or turquoise colours on trimmed nails will look good. Or you can add emphasis with simple initial on top!


VG: Do you have a lot of makeup?


Hyoyeon: I have a lot of various makeup but I tend to use what I use. These days, I often use Son & Park’s ‘Beauty Water’, Amore Pacific’s ‘Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Eye Treatment Gel’ and SK-II’s ‘Stem Power Cream’. For colour products, I have many multi palettes and shimmers. I think I have all different kinds.


VG: We’re curious what is in your (makeup) pouch.


Hyoyeon: A travel brush set, Majolica Majorca’s ‘single eyeshadow’, Tom Ford Beauty’s ‘Lip Colour Shine’, Benefit’s ‘They’re Real Push-Up Liner’, ‘Roller Lash’ and Shu Uemura’s ‘Hard Formula’ to name a few. (VG: We feel like you carry around everything you use on your vanity.) You’re right. I carry them with me so I can apply makeup whenever, wherever. So I usually buy two or three of the same products.


VG: Do you enjoy using perfumes?


Hyoyeon: My favourite is Bond Number Nine’s ‘Madison Square Park’. I bought a big bottle to leave in the car and spray it often. In my bag right now, I have Valentino’s ‘Valentina’. I like powdery and fresh scents so I enjoy using aqua floral ones.


VG: What type of exercises do you do regularly?


Hyoyeon: Once or twice a week, I do boxing. When I had issues with stomach fat, everyone around me recommended boxing. Because you move and don’t rest from beginning to end, I sweat even though I usually don’t sweat a lot. I also jump rope every day and once a week, I go horseback riding.  

It has an effect of making your waist and your thigh line particularly pretty. In the winter, I went skiing but once the weather gets warmer, I’m planning on golfing. I don’t go to fitness gyms. For me, activity-based exercises that you do in an open space are the best. Exercise is not something you do because someone else likes it; you have to do ones that fit your personality and interests, in order to be diligent with it without getting stressed.


VG: Do you have a personal habit that helps you maintain your figure?


Hyoyeon: I have a habit of stretching daily at home, morning and night. It’s not a special method but the know-how is to count slowly and stretch out your neck, waist, shoulders and wrists for 30 minutes. I also do crunches, both on the front and side. I also include back kicks to work out my hips.  

Normally, I rarely have my butt to a chair. I try to walk a lot and stand as much as I can. I don’t have a special controlled meal plan but after I eat what I want, I try to stay active and move. Another thing is that I really drink a lot of water. The members tell me that it’s like I’m carrying a water purifier with me. I think it’s about 15 300mL (4.5L) bottles a day. One day, my bag was so heavy so I looked in my bag and there were 5 bottles of water. If I see a bottle of water, I make sure to put it in my bag and drink out of it often. I have dry skin so I consider drinking water to be important.


VG: If you have dry skin, you must have a special skincare regimen?


Hyoyeon: More so than wrinkle prevention or skin whitening, I pay particular attention to moisturizing. So even all of the foundations I use are from the moisture lines. I also use moisturizing sheet masks every day. I put it on my face for 15 minutes and then apply a thin layer of moisture cream before going to bed. For cleansers, you have to use oil or cream types to be less dry.


VG: You must go on airplanes often due to overseas performances. Do you have any special airplane beauty know-hows to share?


Hyoyeon: I like sheet masks but I can’t use them because it’s embarrassing. So in the airplane, I spray mists or apply lotion. The humidification masks I bought in Japan are great. It’s a product that masks your face and maintains moisture.


VG: What’s a special item that you pack when you go to resorts?


Hyoyeon: Sunscreen lotion. I pack the spray type so I can use it on top of makeup on my face.


VG: We thought your skin was quite dark for some time but in person, you are incredibly fair. Did you tan?


Hyoyeon: I like tanning. Before, I applied a ton of oil and tanned but these days, I apply sun cream with very low SPF, around 15-20 SPF, on every part of my body and enjoy the sunshine to my heart’s content. If you do that, you will get a shimmery and natural tan.


VG: We heard there is a book coming out soon that chronicles Hyoyeon’s fashion, beauty and lifestyle. When is it coming out?


Hyoyeon: To be honest, the question that I am asked the most is about what brand of clothing I’m wearing that day or what makeup products I use. I can’t respond to each individual comment which was regrettable until I had the thought of ‘I should write a book to share everything I know’.


It contains ways to use clothes that have been in your closet for years and use it in a trendy way or ways to do your makeup to enhance your best features. Since I adhere to shade makeup, I also recorded know-hows for contouring in detail. I am also going to talk about various sports I’m practicing like skiing, scuba diving (recently got my certification), horseback riding, golfing, in-line skating, cycling and talk about what kind of effects they have on which parts of the body.


VG: Will you share one key tip that is in the book ahead of time?


Hyoyeon: To not use excessive amounts of product on your face! From foundations to colour products, it’s important to only apply small amounts, more than anything. I start my skincare routine by taking off makeup, wiping once with a toner and then using the toner again to let it absorb into the skin.  

On dry areas, I apply oil and then layer on eye cream and moisture cream. There are several products but the know-how is to use very small amounts. When you do that, your makeup will stay on and you will not get blemishes. It’s the same for makeup. If you apply thick layers to cover imperfections, it appears artificial but if you use smaller amounts, it looks natural. It’s a know-how that I’ve learned from applying thick and large amounts of product in the past and failing.

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