I can't speak for everyone here, but

You're ignoring a major aspect, the mentality of a person can do wonders. It's why you can rarely see, average couples with one punching far above their weight. Ie, one isn't insanely rich or anything. The issues FA's have, isn't one I can admit to understanding, it's a spiral of self loathing which leads to acceptance. Arguably you would attempt to advocate that's a good thing, coming to terms with how you are. But there in lies the problem, there is no magic pill or personality change that will work overnight, or even over a length of time. Like with most things, all you can do is try, over and over again. You latch onto height quite a bit in your brief, so I can only assume that is the complex you have in regards to your unsuccessful nature when it comes to women. Hell, maybe you're right and you do have to play the part of the dwarf, but the distinction is drawn in how well you can play that part, if I were like you Id do my damn best to fit into whatever role had been handed to me, not create another subcategory "FA" that is overarching because I can't be bothered facing the music, you may think it's harsh coming from someone who could never understand the problems in your mind, but everyone has issues, in life and with themselves, there's enough hate out there without you adding to the pile, you never have to give up. You make the choices. Sometimes the choices are narrower, but they'res always something available. It's not hope that is destroying, it's losing that expectation interest, the expectation of the suffocating loneliness finally being over, seeing that glimmer of hope only to be snatched away, to some, may seem teasing, but in reality, it's the only thing keeping people going, and one day, for those who try hard enough, they'll achieve it, and people like you will be left behind, self pity is detrimental to oneself. You shouldn't give in to the temptation of being lazy, after all, the only mind who cares about you, is your own. Don't give up.

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