Hasan's message to streamers about trans viewers

You're being downvoted for going against the clip but the comment definitely has value, thought that's redddit in a nutshell.

I agree with Hasan that streamers should avoid creating toxic environments but I have to disagree with fostering the kind of behavior he described.

"Your viewers adore you, want to give you money [...]" I don't think this is a healthy relationship for the viewers to create, especially knowing that the majority are very young. That emotional connection is what causes viewers to get hurt when the streamer doesn't give them the response they want, or when they are told the streamer isn't actually their friend and doesn't give a shit about their existence because the streamer isn't aware of it in the first place.

I guess this is the nature of streaming tho and if anything it will only get worse over time since, as Hasan said, it's very lucrative.

Btw I don't even know what Jinny even said to get banned so I'm not commenting on that.

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