Roflgator's hospital horror after OTK game (full story in comments)

You didnt even watch the video and make up stuff. What the heck?

The Hospital didn't take vitals you muppet. They literally didn't take his blood pressure until before the Surgery. Did you even watch the clip at all?

and the fact that you freaking out that you can't go and stream your anime/vtuber meetup for a few hours is causing your blood pressure to fluctuate +/-30-40!!!! mm for 24+ hours straight is probably freaking them out.

This wasn't mention at all. Why are you making this up? He only said he hates Hospitals and wants to go home.

I have a lot of family in medicine or health care

If you think not taking vitals is normal and defend this I can only hope no one is getting treated by your trashy dogwater family. NA Healthcare btw.

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