Hello democracy, poll on potential reset

Not all of suggestions are meant for this patch: I give my 2 cents how i would create more balanced game in terms of pvm. Removing oak, boo change into passive if needed, adding some hp% passive to characters if needed. Revamping hp gains vit/hp and lvl/hp. Buffing ed% from str/dex to like 2%ed/per point. Reducing resistance caps and absorbs% or deleting absorbs% - Basicly rolling paladin makes you invicible right now wich is disbalance. I would set resistance cap at 85%. And allow only 1item for each resistance 12% or if possible set absorb cap to 12% I think increasing physical resistance cap as i believe u mentioned is not such great idea it will just increase balance problem leaving casters more behind if u want again rebalance monster damage to met higher physical reduction standards. I would suggest changing oak and boo to passives and buffing summon hps and mercs hp. Aswell buff energy/mana gain for all claess in this situation. Since in regular lod self boo is standard item. Increasing monster density is good idea make game harder and more epic. `If u compare 92lvl those abbadon area to world stone or frozen thundra the difference of power is a bit too big aspecialy now with as u mention taking away immunites. I believe 5 act need buff.

Just few ideas learn from hell unleashed mod how they failed for years in balancing game cuz they didnt do those things. I mean u can balance without implementing those change but it s harder. Revamping boo and hp/lvl hp/vit is main thing to make balancing ares/heroes easier that s most important. I just want remind that people will now create 2-3 people party to make game easier with oak dude... this should be fixed into passive just saying.. what will be op if not changed.

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