HorizonXI - 30+day perspective

BST will most likely see a nerf.

I really hope ninja sees rebalance in 60 days, because it really struggles atm. "Just have a secondary voke bro for when ninja runs out of shadows". Yeah, that works but it just doesn't feel right.

Ninja DD is a bit subpar, and why have a 2nd voker when I can just get a PLD or even a WAR to solely tank more efficiently. And the WAR can probably expedite kills due to much better damage.

Throwing shurikens isn't an option when it literally costs tens of thousands of gil to do so per hour. Daken would have made throwing shurikens viable though. Daken traits might be a bit OP, but giving ninja just Daken rank 1 or even just 15% throw rate would be good enough and not broken.

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