How many subjects from a slightly different course have to be the same for me to go from first year bio med to second year biological? (applying for credit transfer stuff)

You can skip the year if you have credit transfers for all core subjects in that year. Your course guide will list these as "complete (x) courses from:" and you must complete these.

If you want to skip the year, you must have direct credit transfers for these listed subjects.

If you only have a few, say 1 or 2 that haven't been done, you can complete them while starting second year courses, provided no courses require the subject as a prerequisite.

E.g. Economics 1 is a semester 1 year 1 course you haven't done, if economics 2 is in semester 1 year 2, you must delay it or complete E1 before commencement.

If E2 is a year 2 semester 2 class, you can start E1 in year 2 semester 1 and you will be okay.

(this is assuming you "start" this program in year 2, and avoid spending time doing year 1 classes again)

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