IBM has a website where you can write experiments that will run on an actual quantum computer.

I have a vague understanding of Quantum mechanics. I understand that your computer relies on qubits but what about tracking other particles to receive outputs. This might be too soon to do or Quantum computers might not be advanced enough yet. Or the particle itself might not be the end all of information. But here is my idea.

I would like to study the God particles random output to questions regarding religion or basically what is right and wrong. Most of humanity knows when something is right or wrong. Most because I can't assume the whole collective knowledge of  humanity. Then the way the study would work is we would propose a series of questions to which we know the answers to get a correlation. We could ask questions like, is it right to kill a human?, obviously the answer is no. Is it right to steal, again the obvious answer is no. And so on and so forth. This study would take some time but maybe we can use quantum mechanics to answer some of life's simple and hopefully complex questions. 

This seems like a crazy idea leaving questions to a computer. But most of humanity uses search engines for information. If there is a correlation and we find something great, the world might change for the good or bad. At least we know that it would change hopefully for the better. Then everyone would be able to follow laws across the globe relying on the same set of principles and not worry about whether God exists or get into arguments regarding what is right and wrong. Hopefully this would be approached with full transparency with the world so that no one can doubt the experiment. If it works great but if it doesn't then at least we tried. Maybe it's not the right particle. Unless my understanding is way off then excuse me lol, >.<"

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