i'm 13 and love this game so much thoughs on what you didn't like about the game?

I loved it back when it came out, and also really still like this game. I do have criticisms of it as well, but I hope these don't take away from your enjoyment of it. Rather, they can be things we can hope for in the sequel.

The main disappointment for me was probably the limited use of the spaceship. Throughout the game the upgrades to your hovercraft open up vast (at least they seemed vast at the time) new explorable areas of the world, packed with content. So when I finally got the spaceship I expected to visit another region of Hillys , or, when they told us to take off into space, maybe even another whole planet?! It was really exciting, but then in space all there is to do is photograph a space whale (very cool) and go to the moon final level. Which was also cool, but I just didn't realize getting the spaceship meant the game was basically about to end, when you spent such a long time with the previous ship upgrades.

Some stuff is also a little simplistic, but I don't blame them at all for it since the game came out in 2003.

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