Jack Parow - Dans Dans Dans

yo, it's jack parow here, fucking better than a chop (barbecued meat) on the fire fucking dance bro fucking check it out here he fucking comes now hos ya

dance on the speaker fucking dance on the ground fucking jump on the tables fucking mess fucking around fucking here fucking there fucking everything is a mess fucking jack parow bro fucking dans on the bar fucking dance by yourself fucking dance in a group dance with a six-pack fucking dance with a boep (tummy) fucking dance on the dance floor dance around a corner dance with someone hot (cupe cake) dance with someone stuck up (cake)

drink till you're drunk drink till you vomit drink till you're strong drink till you're bump drink with brunettes drink with blondes drink with cool kids drink with scum jack parow sits on books on a molehill jack parow shoots lyrics like a headshot jack parow lets bimbos run around crazy jack parow leaves all the old ladies with their mouths hanging open

dance dance dance i want to fucking fucking dance x3

watch out, jack parow fucking raps right anybody, jack parow fucking taps that jack parow, i can't fucking believe it jack parow, i've never heard this before other rappers fucking slit their wrists party with us we bounce without hassle sit by the barbeque and cook another sausage drink my brandy clean cause i don't wanna mess jack parow doesn't own a porsche jack parow drives around in a volkswagen jack parow 'fucks up' if you're not bouncing jack parow causes chaos most people don't get the point jack parow says 'go smoke another joint' jack parow get's lost in a blur jack parow was born in the spur (steak joint) jack parow coughs open mouth jack parow from the roof to the ground

dance dance dance i want to fucking fucking dance x3

the stupidest thing gives me a headache rivers of blood flow past my door all the smoking discolors my fingers and my bread is buttered on both sides where did i come from all of a sudden? my use of language is very catchy jack parow makes you sta sta sta stutter parow's penis is as long as a putter jack parow rolls with cool cats jack parow drives in cool cars jack parow from your head to your leg jack parow is better than sex jack parow, the best thing since sliced bread jack parow wants breakfast in bed jack parow says 'shut your fucking mouth' jack parow 'it's mother fucking me'

dance dance dance i want to fucking fucking dance x3

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