Jeff Davis and Reid's sexuality

I feel a little ridiculous for all the detail that I went into, but I have seen so many people getting upset that "Reid was originally bisexual until he had a crush on a girl" and saying that it doesn't make sense that that would invalidate his bisexuality. Because they're exactly right, it doesn't make sense. Because I don't think that he was ever seriously bisexual. Of course, nobody can know what was going through Davis's mind when he wrote the pilot, but I do not think he had influence on the show after the pilot that was going to be aired was finished. When writers write pilots, it is also a collaborative process. There are many studio and network notes involved for a pilot script to even be approved for filming. So, the pilot was likely a collaboration of many people also. I think people put too much weight into the word "creator" of a show. Technically, even if a person only writes the first episode and even if that first episode was largely a collaborative process, they will still be credited with creating the series according to WGA regulations.

I am sorry this is so long! It is just something that pops up all the time on criminal minds and Reid threads and it has been bothering me. It's even on his wiki pages. I want to clarify that this is not a post against bisexual or LGBT characters. I think LGBT characters are great. I just don't think that Jeff Davis's words carry much weight. I think he made himself seem like the showrunner of the show when he was not and I think it's likely that he wasn't even involved with the show by the time the show was thinking about the fourth episode. Of course, I do not know the inner workings of criminal minds and this is just based on the extensive interviews and articles about show making that I have read. It is totally possible that Davis was there for the fourth episode, I wasn't there after all. The timeline, however, does make it seem very unlikely to me. Sorry for this rant! I guess I just wanted to get that out there and see what everybody else thinks about it.

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