Khloe’s birthday message to her baby daddy

She is so desperate, and has no self respect. I don’t know how she doesn’t wake up at night cringing. The excessive posting of the quotes alone would have me questioning myself. She’s totally that girl who, anytime you go out with them, they spend the entire night commandeering the conversation, and blasting your ear wondering why nobody will date them and it’s like….girl, cause you’re like this?

I’m probably projecting bc I have a coworker like this who will spend two hours dissecting if she should text somebody, and why they aren’t texting her, and instead thirst traps and bizarre quotes on social media in hopes that her latest bunny boiling obsession will see them.

She’s a nightmare. And also filters her pictures - EVEN HER LINKEDIN - to catfishing levels of insanity.

Y’all know ol Koko is like that too.

I have to take a Xanax now lmao.

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