Klutch announces new edibles partner - California’s Kiva Confections

Yes, my bestfriend is the grower and yes i do support them over the top.. Again, where are you going with this logic? you sound like such a fool lol Can i not support my bestfriend and their company? At least you have an insider giving you factual info.. You sound so dumb... Again, would you call me out because i would literally argue till the death of me that coke is better than pepsi? Am i not allowed to have loyalty to a brand without working for them? Im gonna let you just roast yourself and sit in self pitty. Youre a waste of time. Just so you know, ive tried every flower in the program. Thats how i ended up a fan as well. If it aint woodward or Klutch its sucked. And i stand by that.

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