leaked intro script

Right version:

Forsen: Good Fucking Morning Bajs. How yall been? How yall doing? its been a while hasnt it... idk if ive ever been banned for a whole month. Have I? Anyways, its good to be back. Back in black. So whats new, whatd i miss? New twitch TOS... cyberpunk... oh yeah about cyberpunk - i dont know if i will be playing that, heard its prettty baaaad. Lots of glitches and shit. Oh i almost forgot, i need my coffee, thats fasho. *proceeds to read donations for a minute while coffee machine goes BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR* Oh yeah, i guess im officially a boomer now. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH what else? xQc beat my record? Well have to see about that. *nina brings peppah in front of the cam* Oh biibiii. Whose a good bibi? *reads dono with a link* Uhhhh no, i dont think så. Not gonna be clicking any links for a while, not taking any risks if u know what i mean. *clicks dreams cheating response video link anyways* Wait, did he actually cheat? I guess were about to find out! *reacts for 25 minutes while chewing into the mic*

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