Learn Taijiquan from a book, or go for qigong

There is a third choice.

Learn tai chi choreography, roughly from video. (and this is important) get (as) frequent (as possible) correction from a competent teacher from a good lineage.

This is how I learn Chen Style Practical Method. I "learned" the foundations and the choreography of the first thirteen moves of Yilu from a video by Chen Zhonghua. This is strictly monkey see, monkey do, and certainly "wrong" with respect to the particulars. Then I travelled hundredas of miles m to get corrections from a senior disciple of master Chen. I repeated this process for a year or so, getting corrections every quarter or so.

Then I attended a workshop by Chen Zhonghua. Got even more corrections. Repeat.

I'm still doing most things "incorrectly". It takes decades of work to do the form conforming to all tai chi principles.

Works for me. YMMV.

(to be clear, you cannot learn wholly from video (or books which would be worse than video). You absolutely must get corrections from a good teacher/teachers. But video can be a starting point (only). )

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