Lirik and the CyberPowerPC

This is way too overkill IMO

Yes, and no, as someone who knows how to use the hardware this PC isn't very impressive even.

This is how a more extreme PC would look like,

Case I personally have a TH10 /w Pedestal valued at $1200 including accessories, but you can buy one in the size of a Corsair 900D for $400

Then there's dual CPU rigs like this one dual Xeon CPUs ($2500 each) And the people who buy 5960X usually watercool them and overclock so much that they almost die, we're talking generating so much heat that even with serious watercooling the CPU can reach 75-80c (90c is considered extremely high), no overclocking the temp would be 30c when gaming on water. (This is also why you need a $450 motherboard)

Corsair Dominator memory for $750 The memory they have at CyberPowerPC costs almost half ($450)

GTX Titan X though, best card you could buy since it released just a week ago, the problem with this card though is that it's a reference PCB, the actual card itself, excluding cooler, has to follow exactly what Nvidia has specified, this means low quality voltage components which makes it almost impossible to overclock on Water and LN2 without actually soldering on additional PCBs for example the EVGA EPOWER

Nothing special about SSDs, you just have the ability to raid 6 of them for free, and because it does get faster, and.. fun

Something I specifically didn't mention in the post except these words at the end "second hand value", each of these SSDs cost $500+ today, even in 1 year you could sell them for $350-400 each easy, so you would get $2000 cash in 1 year+ if you wanted to.

Then there's the Corsair AX1500i, it's the only thing I really consider overkill, because it's the best PSU ever made, costs $450 when you can get a Enermax 1500W Platinum for $250, the AX1500i costs almost twice as much, it's definitely not worth the money but since you're not paying for it, why the hell not. Something that would be interesting to know for you is that the fan on the AXi series PSUs shuts off when not used over a certain %, so it's going to be completely silent most of the time, even during gaming, the insane quality and engineering allows that.

Well you get my point, the configuration really isn't "THAT" impressive, truth is that my 3 year old 6-Core CPU overclocked to 5GHz will get better FPS than the 5960X at 4.4GHz, my 3 year old 16GB memory at 2400MHz CL9 also gets better performance than the G.Skill 2800MHz CL16 DDR4, I also use dual Corsair AX1200 (5 year old) for a total of 2400W, and each of these PSUs only set me back $120 (used), the AX1500i you're about to get costs $450, then I have 3x GTX 780 Classified in Tri-SLI overclocked 50% each, these cards are now 2 years old, and still better overclocked than a GTX Titan X running at stock speeds (not overclocked).

EVGA Classified cards use a custom PCB, not Nvidia Reference PCB, they use a lot more expensive components which allows for insane overclocking. (GTX Titan X runs at 1050MHz, but can be overclocked on LN2 to 2000MHz, which means it performs like two GTX Titan X in SLI at stock speeds, if that's not insanity I don't know what is.)

I like very simplistic builds where everything is very easy to pinpoint and it is straight to the point. Granted, I may just be blowing this up in my mind.

This is one of the reasons you should have a 900D, it's amazing to build computers in large cases, if you encounter any problem or simply switching disks/disconnecting a disk you wouldn't have to stick your hand in tight spaces or anything like that, just go in with the hand and do it, nothing will be in the way. In smaller cases using 120mm Radiators (older Corsair H50, H70, H80i) you usually placed them in the back of the case, that meant you covered part of the left side of the motherboard, where the ATX 12v (or even Dual) were/are placed, so if you needed to replace the PSU or when troubleshooting, you had to remove the CPU cooler to get access to the ATX cable. Nothing like that would be a problem for you.

Friends 3-Way Titan 900D "Blacked Out" when we were at Dreamhack in 2013 like a month after the case had been released

This build is also around $15000 compared to my $8000 build. I don't know if I'm being modest but that is fucking insane.

Excluding the monitors it's like what? $2000 less? And remember CyberPowerPC charges a lot more than if you bought everything in the store, I could probably build a PC identical to the improved configuration here in Europe for about €5000-6000 (~$6000) excluding VAT, CyberPowerPC probably pays around half that.

These are the only real expensive "overkill" parts,

i7 5960X = $1000

GTX Titan X = $1000

GTX Titan X = $1000

GTX Titan X = $1000

Everything else could simply be called "the rest", and is nothing out of the ordinary. (Except for the SSDs, but that's more of a silly thing, people don't really consider it as actual gaming hardware, and when people think of SSDs they think $100 SSD, since 1TB SSDs are very rare and extremely expensive, many don't even know they exist)

So I really don't feel it's as expensive as you make it sound like.

This is besides the point but half of this stuff doesn't "benefit the stream."

The actual components that do benefit the Stream: CPU, there are specific games that utilize more than 4 Cores, and that is ArmA 3 (You are looking at a considerably higher FPS, it will absolutely be noticeable by the stream)

DayZ will have the same Multi-Core support as ArmA 3 have right now, when the new renderer comes, so DayZ will also run smoother for the stream (not going below 60, ever, even cities, unless they totally screw it up)

Then there's the Division that will most likely have good multi-core support, and Star Wars Battlefront (Frostbite 3, BF4 Engine) also has insane support for many cores, so you will get a Minimum FPS boost of easily over 20 FPS, resulting in never going under 60 in 64p Multiplayer matches.

Memory will improve the FPS in the same games as mentioned above, very CPU intensive games love memory speed. This will be a very small increase though so it shouldn't really be considered, but 1-3 FPS more is still something.

The GPUs can completely change the quality of the stream, there are MANY ways to improve the visuals of a game, lots of driver level tweaks, fps limiters, v-sync tweaking, color tuning, then there's the increased FPS, lower frametimes using 3-Way SLI (smoother frame rendering, less stuttering), lastly it's the downsampling, grass and such that can cause artifacting, could potentially be heavily reduced. Reduction of jaggies, that are absolutely visible when watching in Source Quality.

SSDs, six of them in RAID 0 will make loading games (realistically) take half the time, and it doesn't matter if you had 30 SSDs in RAID 0 that could read/write at 15.000MB/s, the CPU isn't fast enough, and that totally makes sense.

On a sub sunday when playing let's say 6 games, you would potentially save ~30-60 seconds of loading times in total.

Something else, that I can't really back up, and that is that hard disks causes stuttering in games, a SSD usually eliminates it because of it's extremely low latency, but since game engines improves, the handling of data is different and I haven't used a HDD in many many years so I wouldn't know if the games you play today would get less stuttering. But it should, but I can't say it will.

Case, Cooling, PSU won't have any affect obviously.

You can also see that viewers don't really care about high stream quality seeing how many popular broadcasters have absolute shit stream quality and get thousands of viewers.

Ye but that's no excuse to hold back, you still have many thousands of viewers in Source Quality and you should always try to improve. Right?

Triple 1440p monitors sure sounds pretty

Ye the only reason is you get them for free if you ask, that's basically it. They look sexy as hell and you can sell them in 1 year for $500 each very easy, if you wanted.

My idea was that you could use your other PCs for them on the side, again, you get them for free with no strings attached.

But ye

This was a longer post than I intended, and I have a lot more to say, I assume you still have a lot of questions, so if we could get a chat conversation going that would be swell.

// zhrooms

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