Masturbation: A Solo Exploration Through Space and Time

Often we catch ourselves at the lowest moments in our lives. Or often we are just bored. Regardless, if you have a penis, masturbation can serve as a great tool for understanding yourself and it can lead to a wonderful discovery of a preference for short- length film. Lonely weekends often accumulate into multiple masturbations. Not really a great way to spend ones time, masturbation, however, does serve a purpose for both the individual and society. For the individual comes easy, endless, and intervaled entertainment. In a small town where you have plenty of geographical excuses as to not go out at night, teenagers love to masturbate. In case of boredom, masturbate the day away, as the doctors used to say. And boredom is not the only torment people face. Sexual denial can be a great springboard into your new journey. Funnel all of your sexual energies and juices into tissues instead of people to relieve yourself. It might prompt one to question himself, but such is the sacrifice of practicing the oldest trick in the book. For society, masturbation is an underused tool. Scientists have proved that it can temporarily surpress sexual desires, and if done properly, can eliminate all desires or wants or ambitions in total, rendering its victim incapable of socially functioning in a totally ejaculated state. If we stopped castrating and executing rapists and molestors but instead got them addicted to, society could potentially save billions by using an almost free method of prevention. Likewise, if we applied this logic to all of society, masturbation could prevent all potential rapes (feminists please take note) or any sort of sexually motivated violence. This activity you can practice on a weekend night could be the solution to the world. Whatever your background, give masturbation your poor, your hungry, and your huddled testicles yearning for freedom. Join together, in an act of ultimate solidarity, to participate in an activity that no honest man could deny. To practice masturbation is beyond your mother's approval. It sustains a technique handed down by generation to generation. So remember. Whenever you go solo, you not only help yourself, you also help society.

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