Tl;dr - Hawaii BOE's websites and notifications are bad and they should feel bad

Wow, this Vaness Ott lady's got a bad case of the ignorant. The fact that she is a former DOE teacher is terrifying.

The BOE posts meeting notices on Wednesdays around 4:30 p.m., just six and a half days before a meeting — giving little time for public comment. The Board of Education typically meets on the first and third Tuesday of the month. This isn't some sort of conspiracy to stop people from coming. The Tuesday schedule is really regular. Past meeting notices can be found here: Six day is plenty of time to write comments.

Also, the 6.5 day notice is in compliance with the law, which requires at least six days. Section 92-7(b), HRS.

The BOE never posts recordings, and minutes are not posted until after the next meeting, two weeks to three months later. . . . Recording BOE meetings is the best place to start. This will cost almost nothing to implement, There is no requirement that meetings be recorded. Also, the law explicitly allows any person in attendance to record the meetings. Translation: Vanessa Ott, you do it!!!

Vanessa Ott sounds like one of those ladies who complains and complains that other people should be doing something, but when someone says "you do it" she starts making excuses.

As for cost, this will cost something. Here's the most likely way a meeting like this will get video recorded: Olelo will have to send a camera person and a producer to the meeting. Set up the camera, setup the board, and plug everything in. Then those people will have to take the recording back to the office and edit it. This takes time and money. Olelo has limited resources and can't record every meeting. If people want this done, ask Olelo and donate money to them.

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