Elizabeth Warren Has a New Target People Hate Almost As Much As Wall Street: The senator wants take money from Big Pharma and use it for medical research

Tag Line: Theft By Third Party


Examples of a company's stakeholders

Government taxation, VAT, legislation, employment, truthful reporting, diversity, legalities, externalities.
Employees rates of pay, job security, compensation, respect, truthful communication.

Customers value, quality, customer care, ethical products.

Suppliers providers of products and services used in the end product for the customer, equitable business opportunities.
Creditors credit score, new contracts, liquidity.
Community jobs, involvement, environmental protection, shares, truthful communication.
Trade Unions quality, worker protection, jobs.
Owner(s) profitability, longevity, market share, market standing, succession planning, raising capital, growth, social goals.
Investors return on investment, income.


A shareholder is simply an individual, organization, or company that legally own share(s) of stock in a joint-stock company. By owning shares of stock, a company’s shareholders collectively own the company itself and therefore have the right to vote on decisions that affect how the company is run. This usually means the shareholders as part owners will push for company actions that increase their own financial returns.

I'm getting confused now

A company that uses the stakeholder approach to conducting business typically views the impact of business operations on a wide range of issues; including, but not limited to: profit, reputation, employees, supplies, customers, shareholders, the environment, and the communities where the company conducts business. The length of concern for changes in business operations is usually short-term and long-term; such as understanding the need to meet business objectives on a quarterly or annual basis, but also appreciating the need to focus on the impact on the company beyond just an annual time-frame.

Basically it seems to me that important needs are not being met. We have huge financial returns in the medical industry- Why not essentially reinvest the money we generate into the gaps ignored by the profit driven huge corporations. IF you think about it, when we allow a drug company to renew a patent on a technicality time after time or when we ignore the evidence that their scientific evidence is inherently flawed and doesn't adhere to editorial guidelines (which were suggested after it turned out that researchers were gaming the system; they would test a drug for one effect and then re write the research to fit any convenient test result) ...then aren't we giving them the go-ahead to rip us off?

Simple as voting for someone who is on point about this.

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