[Megathread] - Day 1 | Corndog Edition

If you're referring to what I wrote below, I made this - https://i.imgur.com/hkvilq6.jpg

Blue is the paths we had available, to the best of my memory. There were more barriers, but I can't recall exactly where. To the north, between the merch and the bar, you can see how it turned into a funnel of humans. Took thirty minutes of walking like sardines just to get out of the park.

Bottlenecking is when things get unsafe in crowd management. Everything was okay, but it could have flipped at any moment. I accidentally fell down a rabbithole of learning about concert disasters during lockdown, so I unfortunately know too much about how those things happen. Doesn't get me down usually, it's better to know how to be safe than to fear the unknown, but I feel like they really dropped the ball last night.

I've read a lot of people think they oversold yesterday, so hopefully it won't be a problem tonight and tomorrow.

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