[MISC] Who’s your favorite OpTic member of all time?

  1. Hecz - He is the reason I started watching Optic and the he seems like a great leader and even better guy so I’ve always felt kinda like family watching.

  2. Hitch - I really liked back when he was in charge of vision, now watching him on stream he gets so hyped and it’s so great to watch.

  3. Formal - He is unreal at any game he plays and I loved back in the day when him and Scump were tearing up Call of Duty. I wish this guy streamed once in a while but he’s not a streamer personality.

  4. King scumpy - He has always been really great at the game and watching other Optic members blogs he was always super funny. I loved watching his streams.

  5. BigT - the brown sugar, the guy grinds, does whatever he wants and is the best at it. I remember watching the car bomb on stand-off I almost shit my pants. His videos were really good if he ever does that again.

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