More "Da dan dan da dan!"

I'm kind of in the middle of deciding, but I will go through this with my most recent. I will include any additional notes at the bottom if they do not fall under any questions.

*1)Please describe yourself. Where are you from? What are your hobbies/interests? *

I'm from FL, US. My hobbies/interests are building and tinkering computers, lots of video games, and even more Anime and Manga consumption.

2)Please describe your waifu/husbando. What of do you find attractive about her/him? How did you get to know her/him?

My waifu is Honoka Kousaka from Love Live! School Idol Project.

She's very "genki" as in very energetic, and she's a bit ditzy. She's very kind to everyone, as well as considerate of them as a human. She's quick to make the better of a situation and it always thinking on the positive side of things. She's very amiable.
That is precisely what I find attractive about her. Her personality and her looks too.
She has Orange medium-long hair with a sort of side-ponytail only using a portion of her hair. She has blue/aquamarine eyes on an always shining face.

I got to know her through the anime, both seasons. And I get to "interact" more and more with her by the mobile game: Love Live! School Idol Festival ("SIF" from here on in).

3)What do you mean by "having a relationship" with your waifu/husbando? How would you describe your feelings?

I'm not too big on Waifuism as a whole. I kind of just like to say they're my anime girlfriends but I don't take it too serious beyond that point. It's just a character that I really love, and enjoy having the thought that I am associated with them. I have 2 figures and a wall-scroll of her. Sometimes I just like to look at them and remember her and most of the time I end up smiling or I'm smiling inside if not on the outside.
Overall, I just like "having her" whether in physical or digital form as a character I know and love in my heart.

4)What has changed in your life after having meet your waifu/husbando?

I guess I could say that my personality and my person has changed a little, but not much. Like I said in the question prior, I don't really take it too seriously. One thing for sure that has changed is my finances with all the merchandise I have/will have in the future of her.

5)What do your friends/family know about your waifu/husbando? If they know, do they see it?

In general, I keep it to myself. I don't ever mention she's my waifu unless the friend that I mention it to knows about anime and is also a fan of anime.
My family does not know I have a waifu, but they do see my waifu in terms of the merchandise that I have displayed of her, which is currently 3 visible items and quite a few more stored in a box in my closet that I have yet to make visible (things like magazines and posters).

6)How important for you is the original media in which your waifu/husbando was described in defining his/her identity? Are you also interested in representation of your waifu/hisbando in other media? What about fan made material?

The original media is very important to me. The anime PVs (Promotional Videos), TV anime series, and music tracks are the main source of content for her and before I decided to make her my waifu, they were amongst my favorites. The anime series is my #1 favorite anime series in general, so I hold that close to my heart as well as her.

There is also the mobile game, SIF, has tons of art of her in the form of cards, and phrases. The game also has it's own story, separate from the anime series, where she and her other group members talk and perform as well as other instances.

As far as fan art goes, I'm all for it. I love what people come up with and show their love for Honoka. Same goes for any other character of the same or any other series. Fan art in general is a great way to see your favorite character and/or Waifu/husbando in scenes, costumes, or angles you've never seen them in the original media.

Any additional media, whether official or fan-made, is welcome to represent my waifu (as long as it isn't lewd, I don't mind).

7)What is the role of the internet in this process?

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