My dad took my Black Cats to work, help.

Okay so everyone’s saying this is fake or I purposely messed them up

Backstory: They weren’t clean clean as I use them a lot but they weren’t scuffed up and messed up like it’s pictured. My dad took them since they weren’t super clean. He works doing construction, renovation, etc. He doesn’t work by the hour but he was working a project to renovate a room. He works at least 10 hours a day. The left shoe peeled off because he dropped compound on it and he said it made a little bubble and ended up just coming clean off. He used it for 3 days straight for the whole job. I like these shoes a lot but not enough to rage because I got them for retail in February 2020 rather than the expensive resell price. Sorry I wasn’t replying, I was busy all day.

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