My personal In Flames album tier list (I haven't heard Battles or Siren Charms but I don't like Lunar Strain)


I only found In Flames because they were Stanne's previous gig. I admit LS sounds dated but has a few gems on it.

You missed a few. Easy to do with crazy acts I guess, but some of my favorites aren't here.

Notably the live albums, 8 bit Moonshield LP, Down Wicked and No Good, The Mask Arcade/8 bit, etc.

Overall damn good ranking, grudging respect seems a thing for IF. Siren Charms I only just gave a chance this past year and now it's one of my favorites I hate to admit. First vinyl I actually looked for in a decade. My first "real" album was soundtrack, after knowing of LS.... But I quickly caught up (colony, whoracle, clayman).

I would have to really think to make an honest chart today. Really rarely take the time to appreciate how much of a shadow "the flames" have cast on my life...

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