Is this normal?

From their discord:

95% of orders have been shipped and are on their way. Please be patient for your tracking to update. You will see and update email very soon. Please see other pins below while you are here.

“Arrived Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item”. This means that your item was initially taken to or picked up by a third party shipping carrier, who will partially transport the item and then will transfer the item to a USPS hub for “final mile” delivery.

These shipping partners are referred to as parcel expeditors, aggregators and consolidators because they presort and consolidate a high volume of packages (50 or more), and ship them via ground delivery to the appropriate USPS hub location. In return, USPS provides these partners with discounted Parcel Select rates. Retailers and eBay sellers uses these partners to leverage these lower Parcel Select shipping costs.

2 day shipping explained: priority packing (but can still take a bit of time, depending on how long the warehouse takes). Most warehouse have dedicated teams/people to handle priority orders. But it can still take time to get to it. Could take until the next shift comes in for the order to be processed systematically, then has to be picked/packed, labeled, and actually put on a truck. Priority parcels usually leave from the warehouse in a quicker time frame than standard shipping. Then it should be ROUGHLY 2-3 BIZ DAYS once it's actually in the postal system. Just remember: it doesn't always help the logistic gear turning, because people still have to come in and move stuff and unpack trailers and what not.

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