Observed effects of the local serial killer: you say you had one in your small town?

I grew up in Ferguson, MO. Yes, that Ferguson. Ferguson is small. I was a teenager in the late 90s. We used to hang out on the same block as an active serial killer. Didnt know it until 2002 and he was dead. Maury Travis.

(Not a serial killer but..) also found out in mid 2020, when he was finally arrested, that I worked for the man responsible for the kidnapping and death of Angie Housman in 1993. He apparently kept her in the same house from which he based his business. Earl had family living there also.

I have been to that house a million times. His name is Earl Cox, He is also the uncle of my teenage boyfriend, who got me the job in the 1st place.

As a result of Angie's kidnapping (and another girl around the same time), all the kids in Ferguson started wearing personal safety alarms as anti kidnapping devices. The police were giving them away at schools and in stores.

Earl left Angie naked and bound to a tree after sexually assaulting her. She died from exposure. She was 9.

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