Once again Mitch is trying to be Ice Poseidon and pull huge numbers doing IRL streaming on Twitch.

its actually so weird that he cares more about the viewcount than making money like wtf

im pretty sure he made like 15k when he was streaming fortnite in the morning with 1-2k viewers for a month and still he ditched cause he cant accept to have less than 10k viewers for some reason

honestly mitch could be the top streamer that he wants to be but...in 2013 he avg like 4-5k viewers and all he did was ditching and never care about viewers

he should be happy to still have those 2-3k viewers but instead he sees everyone has a number and end up doing shit that he doesnt enjoy to get more viewers like irl and then gets to his head depression ecc the cycle pretty much

IMO he should find another way to make money cause he doesnt have the mental strenght to be a streamer anymore and + he completely ruined his own image with drama, stories and when he gets reminded he gets triggered cause hes a sensitive little bitch too.. no hope for the guy sadly

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